Courage & Renewal Programs


We are here not only to transform the world but also to be transformed.

— Parker J Palmer, Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation

CRA - smallCourage & Renewal® retreats provide opportunities, individually and in community, for personal and professional insight and growth. They give individuals time to reflect and re-charge; focus on pressing work and life questions; support others’ personal and professional development; celebrate gifts and acknowledge limitations; practice deep listening; and find the courage to live in congruence with their values, sustain professional integrity, and help their communities do the same.

All Courage & Renewal® programs offered by WholeHearted are grounded in the Circle of Trust® approach. To learn more about the Principles and Practices of this approach, click here.

WholeHearted director, Greg Sunter, is a retreat facilitator prepared by the Center for Courage & Renewal.


The following retreats, offered by WholeHearted, are regularly offered as ‘open to the public’ experiences.

Courage to Lead®

Courage To Lead is a program for leaders from all walks of life and those who aspire to leadership. The aim of the program is to help leaders sustain and renew their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to leadership and to the communities they serve. Find out more …

Courage to Teach®

Courage To Teach (CTT) is a program of stand-alone retreats or retreat series for the personal and professional renewal of educators. Find out more …

The Heart of the Teacher

Caring, competent, and energised teachers are the indispensable ingredient in school success, and honouring them and renewing their passion strengthens every effort to improve teaching, learning, and the human connectedness essential to education. This one day program serves as an introduction to the Courage to Teach® program and invites both beginning and experienced teachers to explore the heart of their teaching. Find out more …

Courage to Care

Designed specifically for those engaged in caring professions and community organisations, Courage to Care is a stand-alone retreat or series of retreats for personal and professional renewal. The retreat program offers an opportunity to explore the principles and practices of Courage and Renewal work and the Circle of Trust® approach. It provides an invitation to renew and reconfirm the passion, enthusiasm and commitment that those in caring professions bring to the communities they serve. Find out more…

The Journey Toward an Undivided Life

The Journey Toward an Undivided Life is a stand-alone retreat program that offers an introduction to the principles and practices of Courage and Renewal work and the Circle of Trust® approach. It is designed for people from all walks of life who feel the separation in how they spend their days from their true selves, their gifts, and the work that brings them alive. Find out more…

Weaving Wisdom

Weaving Wisdom is a stand-alone, ‘second level’ retreat for those who have already experienced a Courage and Renewal retreat. We devote time to exploring the meaning of wisdom and discerning its shy presence. In the safe and respectful company of one another, we continue the patient and creative work of weaving this deeper truth into the fabric of our daily living. Find out more…

Let Your Life Speak

Let Your Life Speak is a guided reading and discussion program offered as a six-session series offered on a weekly, or monthly, basis. It is an excellent introduction to the writing of Parker Palmer and a very accessible form of small group and individual formation or personal development. The programs explores Palmer’s book, Let Your Life Speak, with chapter by chapter reflection using the principles and practices of Courage and Renewal work. Find out more…


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