Circle of Trust Discussion Group

January 24, 2017 – December 19, 2017 all-day
Private home
Greg Sunter
0413 574 382
Circle of Trust Discussion Group @ Private home

If we are willing to embrace the challenge of becoming whole, we cannot embrace it alone—at least, not for long: we need trustworthy relationships to sustain us, tenacious communities of support, to sustain the journey toward an undivided life. Taking an inner journey toward re-joining soul and role requires a rare but real form of community that I call a “circle of trust.”

—Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness (adapted)

The Circle of Trust® approach is distinguished by principles and practices intended to create a process of shared exploration where people can find safe space to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it.

More usually experienced within the context of a full-day or live-in retreat program, the Circle of Trust approach creates an ideal model for an ongoing discussion group. Participants in a Circle of Trust discussion group gain greater access to their inner teacher and a new depth of self-knowledge, often resulting in a clearer sense of guidance for their personal and professional lives and a resolve to live closer to their core commitments.

Using poetry, journaling, and times of silence and dialogue to guide our reflections, we create space to reconnect with the inner wisdom that guides and sustains us, and gives meaning to our lives and work.

If you’re interested in joining the discussion group, please contact the host and facilitator, Greg Sunter, for further details and the address. The group welcomes new members to ‘come and see’ – attending one or two group meetings before making up your mind. Meetings run 7.00 – 8.30pm every second Tuesday. There is currently no cost associated.

For more about the principles and practices of the Circle of Trust approach in theory and in practice, you can read A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life by Parker J. Palmer (Jossey-Bass, 2004).

Also read more about Touchstones, the guidelines used in a circle of trust. And watch the Circles of Trust DVD videos, with greater detail about our approach.