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Workplace Workshops

Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Greg Sunter is a skilled presenter and facilitator of group processes. He has a particular talent for leading groups through interactive experiences, individual reflection and quality sharing

DISC Advanced for Teams

DISC is the most widely used behavioural model in the world. The DISC ADVANCED® Profile is very easy to use and unlike “personality tests” it is designed specifically for use in the workplace. Common applications

Emotionally Intelligent Workplaces

Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour Who wouldn’t want a higher level of emotional intelligence? Studies have shown that high levels of emotional intelligence boost career success, mental health, relationship satisfaction, humour, and happiness. Higher levels

Courage to Care

Courage to Care Self-knowledge and effective relationships are the foundations on which good care, quality improvement, and organisational change occur. Courage to Care programs are designed to help those

The Heart of the Teacher

The Heart of the Teacher Designed as an introduction to the Courage to Teach® retreat program, The Heart of the Teacher is offered as a single, stand-alone day. Offered

Let Your Life Speak

Let Your Life Speak Let Your Life Speak is a guided reading and discussion program offered as a six-session series offered on a weekly, or monthly, basis. It is

The Courage Way

Leadership demands courage. You have to make good decisions while balancing inevitable tensions and knowing when to take risks. You need to keep your values in sight, regardless of the pressures around you. At

Courage to Teach

Courage to Teach® (CTT) is a program of stand-alone retreats or quarterly retreat series for the personal and professional renewal of educators. Courage to Teach focuses neither on technique, nor directly on school reform, but

Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs WholeHearted leadership programs are grounded in six foundations of trustworthy leadership: Clarifying purpose and integrity through engaging in the work of an inner journey Applying deep listening and honest, open questions