Weaving Wisdom

What is wisdom? Where is wisdom to be found in a world dominated by information and technique? Could it be that our lives and communities reveal their own wisdom if we know how to attend to them?

On this advanced Circles of Trust® Retreat, we devote time to exploring the meaning of wisdom and discerning its shy presence. In the safe and respectful company of one another, we continue the patient and creative work of weaving this deeper truth into the fabric of our daily living.

This 4-day ‘second level’ retreat is only offered to people who have already attended an Introductory Courage and Renewal® retreat (e.g. Courage to Lead®, Courage to Teach®, The Journey Toward an Undivided Life or Circle of Trust®)

Poet Valerie Bridgeman Davis writes: ‘In your soul are answers to questions you’ve never asked’. Through reflection, imagination, and shared conversation this retreat provides a hospitable space in which we may encounter our own deeper knowing and become attuned to our soul as a source of wisdom.