Courage to Care

Self-knowledge and effective relationships are the foundations on which good care, quality improvement, and organisational change occur.

Courage to Care programs are designed to help those in human services and caring professions better understand who they are as practitioners and  leaders in complex systems and how they affect those around them. Courage to Care programs are developed for both professional and personal growth and renewal.

Participation in our programs will provide you opportunities to cultivate trust in yourself and with others, to animate vision and purpose, and to inspire the courage to act on one’s integrity and values.

Grounded in the truths of your own stories and questions, and guided by the Circle of Trust® approach based on the work of author and educator Parker J. Palmer, this Courage and Renewal® Retreat invites you to step with intention into a place apart, to pause from the frenetic pace of your regular days, and to explore in fresh ways the Big Questions of your life – questions of identity, meaning, purpose, and calling.