Leadership Programs

WholeHearted leadership programs are grounded in six foundations of trustworthy leadership:

  • Clarifying purpose and integrity through engaging in the work of an inner journey
  • Applying deep listening and honest, open questions
  • Holding paradox and tensions in the face of complexity and uncertainty
  • Building trustworthy relationships in communities/organisations
  • Appreciating the value of “otherness”
  • Growth through seasons/cycles of personal, professional, organisational change

Explore the Six Foundations further: Foundations of Trustworthy Leadership

Meeting your needs!

WholeHearted can custom-design a program for your organisation’s executive and leadership teams. WholeHearted programs assist leaders to live and lead with authenticity and integrity.


Leading From Within

Let WholeHearted design a stand-alone program for you and your leaders. Programs can be a single day or anything up to a five-day program – depending on your needs, your availability and your budget. Contact us to discuss your organisational needs. Read Parker Palmer’s, Leading from Within, Chapter V of his book, Let Your Life Speak.

Courage to Lead® Retreat Program

Courage to Lead is a program for leaders from all walks of life and those who aspire to leadership. The aim of the program is to help leaders sustain and renew their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to leadership and to the communities they serve. WholeHearted offers stand-alone Courage to Lead retreats that are open to the public and open to all who identify with the role of ‘leader’. The program can also be run ‘in-house’ for a single organisation. It’s ideal for those in leadership positions or for building a culture of leadership amongst middle managers and aspiring leaders. Find out more about this program.

Courage to Lead® is a registered trademark of the Center for Courage & Renewal. See more…