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Living and Working with Authenticity

Greg Sunter
Greg Sunter WholeHearted Director

I am a skilled presenter and facilitator of group processes. I have a talent for leading groups through interactive experiences, individual reflection and quality sharing in small and whole group feedback.

After many years involved in Education (as teacher, leader and consultant), I have more recently been involved in staff and leadership development and formation.

I’ve been leading retreats and personal development programs for more than 30 years and leading others in exploring their inner life and personal pathway to authenticity has been a life-long work.

Following an experience of a Courage to Teach® retreat in 2004, I became passionate about the principles and practices of the Circle of Trust approach for engaging people in ‘inner work’. Since then, I’ve been using this approach in leading retreats, reflection days and various formation and leadership development experiences to great effect. In 2012, I was prepared as a facilitator by the Center for Courage and Renewal as part of the first facilitator cohort conducted outside Nth America.

The vision of WholeHearted – “Living and Working with Authenticity” – is as much a personal mission and ambition as it is an indication of what I offer through leadership and facilitation of various programs and workshops. It requires constant attention to live an undivided, authentic life and it also requires a whole lot of personal forgiveness for the many times I don’t get it right!

Seeking to live and work in a whole-hearted and open-hearted manner has transformed my personal and professional life and I invite you to join me in this amazing journey.


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