Bryan Foster, Senior Teacher, Author, Publisher

Greg is an outstanding facilitator and formator. He has a truly authentic approach to all tasks he sets himself and those involved with his programs. His appreciation of people and their needs in so many personal and professional circumstances is exemplary. Your school, parish, organisation or business would definitely benefit from Greg’s input “to help them reconnect who they are with what they do”.

Guardian Angels, Wynnum, Jan 2017

As always professional, personable and welcoming. Greg knows just how to design and deliver a program that makes people feel connected, confident and comfortable enough to participate whole-heartedly.

Maureen Thomas, Principal, St Ita’s School Dutton Park

Greg Sunter has facilitated retreat sessions for our staff and I also have participated in retreats which Greg has led through the BCE Catching Fire spiritual formation program. Greg conveys a sense of calm welcome and acceptance, compassionate and non-judgemental listening and gentle encouragement to all to participate in a safe and respectful space. Greg’s choice of readings, reflections and prayers were always relevant to the theme of the retreat, contemplative and providing opportunities for reflection and discussion. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is looking for a sincere, wise and committed spiritual companion on their path of spiritual growth.

Nicole, retreat participant, Aug 2015

Being invited and then being allowed to take the time to reflect on the importance of tending my “fire” was very appreciated, very welcome and incredibly timely – a gift really.
You organised such meaningful and powerful reflective experiences that encouraged me to reflect deeply about many aspects of my very busy life. I appreciated your ability to build such a safe place to receive and to give. You allowed me to just let things “be” which although seemed effortless on your part, took such thought, planning and such unobtrusive expertise.
Thank you again for this heart warming and heart lifting experience.

Margaret Lee, Principal, San Sisto College, Carina

When planning for the college’s first optional staff retreat, it was very important that we get everything perfect. The venue, we knew, was great. We knew that the staff were coming willingly. But who would provide a blend of everything so that both male and female staff would feel as if their needs were attended to? Who would be able to attend to our spiritually diverse needs and make all of us feel as if we had the retreat prepared for each one of us? Who would give us the space to be a staff without having someone “in our face”?

Greg’s name came up early in our deliberations. We settled on him and we are so delighted that we did. We couldn’t have wanted for more, for better, for greater!

Greg had known a little of our spiritual journey as a staff as he had helped us write our Staff Spirituality Policy, Living Towards Integration. He knew of our college charism. But he crafted a retreat experience that merged the two and added just enough depth, just enough breadth and space as to be “spot on”. Greg was gentle to our souls; patient with our minds; and attentive to our needs. He was respectful of us being “staff” and invitational to all our possibilities.

I could not recommend Greg more highly, and immediately agreed with staff that we should “book him again”.